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Restorative Practice Conference

Response Ability Training

2 Days

April 10 and 12, 2017 - Restorative Practice Conference 9AM - 4PM

  • The Village at Waterman Lake 715 Putnam Pike (RT. 44) Greenville, RI  Function Room 2nd Building Rear side of campus

  • Response Ability Pathways (RAP) builds essential skills for all those who work with challenging children and youth. It develops abilities to respond to needs instead of reacting to problems so that young persons take pathways to responsibility. Children who experience relationship trauma avoid being hurt again. These youth need that one significant primary adult. RAP training is highly practical in design. RAP builds positive connections among youth to create a climate of respect. Programs that help youth with resiliency and Restorative Practice are key. Learn how the brain (and neuroscience) functions in a young person that affects the fear system. This is a very low cost commitment to help teachers and treatment professionals improve moral and establish meaningful relationships with those they serve.

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