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Training Options Include


Public Training

Or On-Site at Your Location


                                All Training based on:        Restorative Practice

                                                                             Trauma Informed Care

                                                                              Evidence Based



For more information on a selected training item, return to the Training Options Menu above and click the listed individual training on the drop box.









































* National Certification - different rates apply

Low Cost        Public or On-Site

Professional Staff Training


All training is geared to your specific needs.

          To register and pay for the selected public training go to the Training Calendar page

          and Click for Event Details.

          For on-site training at your facility go Contact Us, email or call for information/schedules and fees.


          For any other type of information go to Contact Us page and send inquiry via the Message Box.

(401) 568-6412

New England Training Associates bases all training from the neuroscience view

and the Restorative Practices perspective.

Connecting with youth, family and community.

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