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Trauma Theory


Brain Based - Trauma Focused




To understand what trauma does, one must understand what trauma is.  Traumatic events are external but quickly become incorporated in the mind. It is not the trauma itself that causes the damage. With family disasters or a perpetrator's atrocities, the ordinary response is to banish them from consciousness. It is how the individual’s mind and body reacts in its own unique way to the traumatic experience in combination with the unique response of the individual’s social group.










BrainWorks sets the stage for Trauma Theory. Traumatized youth live in a consistent state of fear, and anger. Anger and fear create tension. The more we understand these children and youth and the impact of traumatic experiences, the more compassionate and wise we can be as we try to help those in our care. We can create safe havens, sanctuary and the rainbow of safety for the kids in our care.


Restorative Practices is key.











      Connecting youth, family and community.

Traumatized Youth
Healthy Children
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